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striving for simplicity

my story

Welcome to Organized Abode! My name is Lisa Burtt and I started this company to help anyone more readily achieve organization and balance within their home. Personally, I have always felt the need for organization in my life--perhaps it was because of a challenging career, or being a working mom. I quickly realized that I needed a sense of balance in my life--if work was demanding, then my home needed to be calm and organized. At some point in our lives, we could all benefit from an extra set of hands to simplify our homes. 

Every client's vision of what organization means for their home is unique to their lifestyle, what works for myself and others may not be in alignment with your expectations. This is expected, and totally okay!

Our Process

  1. Assess whether or not you need help sorting, consolidating, or organizing your belongings

  2. The Decision: Purge, Discard, Donate, Keep

  3. Sorting like items

  4. Establishing storage needs

  5. Maintenance

We welcome the chance to meet with you and assess your needs. Organized Abode is flexible and willing to provide whatever level of support you desire, whether it be consulting help to get you jump started, work side by side with you, or complete the work on your behalf.

I love to welcome family and friends into my home and host get-togethers. My home reflects a casual and peaceful lifestyle by the shore. I hope Organized Abode can help you feel your space is a reflection of you as well!

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